Friday, July 10

Gladney Approved! {YES!}

That's right! We are officially Gladney approved! (and it only took alittle over 7 months!)

For those familiar with the adoption know that this is a big hurdle! A VERY VERY EXCITING MILESTONE!

The next step is completing our dossier; which of course includes CIS approval. (other than that...we are just missing a couple little things that should be quick and painless and do-able by next week sometime!)

Once we've got that dossier done, we will hit....WAIT LIST!


Sunday, July 5

Seven (7) Months {...and counting!}

Today (July 5th, 2009) marks 7 months. Seven (7) months into the adoption process...

And counting!.....

(PS. Adoption is not for whimps!)

...For we live by faith, not by sight.
1 Cor 5:7