Saturday, July 31

Amharic {and the language barrier}

As we approach the final stretch in our adoption process (we travel the first week of October for court!!)  I am painfully aware of the fact that we know ZERO Amharic.

Does anyone out there know how/much and what words will be the most helpful.  Our daughter is just learning Amharic herself and is just 26 months old.

Any advice or helpful hits regarding language and the barrier that we will face is welcomed and NEEDED.

So far, I have discovered this site and it looks pretty good!:
Amharic Kids is a great resource for Ethiopian adoptive family's. It was born out of a family's adoption journey.

It's got great Ethiopian cultural and language (Amharic) information and helps as well as books, toys and other items related to Ethiopia and Ethiopian adoption.

For those of you needing to brush up on your Amharic (like us!), click on Amharic to find a awesome Pronunciation guide. From there, you can click on the Words & Alphabet links for sound clips of common words and phrases.

Sunday, July 25

Fundraising Efforts Continue {T-Shirts}

We are super excited to announce that we are now selling SIMPLY LOVE T-Shirts!

We are selling the shirts to raise money to help pay for our travel to Ethiopia and for humanitarian aid.  We will be putting our first order in any day- so order yours today! (price includes shipping!!!)

Right now we are offering three awesome designs/colors.  (click image to enlarge)   *You can easily order your t-shirt here using paypal and/or any credit/debit card.   (Click the style/size you would like and click Add to Cart!

Woman's-Alternative Apparel  Vintage Fitted Cut (Espresso)

Front:  SIMPLY LOVE (in blue) with blue swirls and Africa design.  Back:  "Love will always find a way" (in white).  This shirt is super soft and slim- form fitting longer cut  with cap sleeve. (We recommend ordering 1 size bigger due to slim cut)

  • 100% combed ringspun cotton. 
  • Regular fit. (although fits SLIM)
  • Tapered waist.

Women's Simply Love

Unisex Soft Style (Black)

Front:  SIMPLY LOVE (in white)  With blue swirls and Africa design.  Back:  "Love will always find a way".  In Black.  These T-Shirts are true Unisex!  Super soft roomy and comfy fit.  Perfect for Women and Men alike!
  • 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton jersey. 
  • Seamless double-needle stitched collar. 
  • Taped neck and shoulders.

Black Unisex (Simply Love)

Men's Unisex-(Army Green)

Front:  "SIMPLY LOVE"  (in red) with Africa Design.  Back:  Stamped Style Font:  "MAN UP!  Protect and love the fatherless" In Army Green Color.  These T-Shirts are Unisex fit!  Super soft roomy and comfy fit.
  • 100% preshrunk combed ringspun cotton. 
  • Taped shoulder-to-shoulder. 
  • TearAway™ label. 
  • Fashion fit.

    MAN UP Simply Love

      **Please allow two (2) weeks for delivery

      **If you would prefer to send a money order or check please email or comment.

      Thank you!

      Wednesday, July 14


      WE HAVE A COURT DATE!!!!  

      WOW...What a suprise!  Kristen called this morning with a court date! (two actually).  We still have to wait until after the rainy season, but our MOWA date is September 30 and our Court date (the one when we travel AND get to visit baby girl!) is on October 12! This means we will travel October 10th-17th!

      It is the best news to actually have DATES!!!!  Now we can really focus in on all the to-do's around the house and in preparation for baby girl's homecoming!!!!  (which will be 2-6 weeks after we pass court)

      ** Side note:   This is a picture of me looking SUPER EXCITED (taken yesterday).  Jordan said "look excited" when taking my picture to promote our Simply Love/Africa T-shirts!  We are selling them to raise money for our travel expenses and humanitarian aid for orphans in Ethiopia!

      Now...not only am I excited about our T-shirts...I'm SUPER EXCITED about our court dates! 

      What an amazing surprise!  

      Monday, July 12

      After the rain {Peace}

      We have officially missed the window.  The very small window of time that would have been considered a miracle. It would have been a miracle to receive a court date in time before rainy season. (The Ethiopian courts close for the rainy season- August thu late September or October)

      So...looks like we will see our girl ...hold our girl...and bring our girl home- sometime AFTER THE RAIN.

      While we love a good miracle over here at the Mathews ...We are OK with it. Really.  As a matter of fact, it's more than just OK.  There is PEACE.  

      And after ALL we've been through (so far).... 

      Let's hear it for PEACE!

      Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you: not as the world gives, give I to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
      John 14:27

      Saturday, July 10

      JUSTICE JARS {Fundraising}

       Our Justice Jars have help us raise over $400 to date!

      ***From original JUSTICE JAR POST

      These are JUSTICE JARS!

      We have been busy making these cute little jars using recycled jars of all shapes & sizes, decorative papers, stickers, threads, buttons, bling, glue, paint, and a whole bunch of love!

      Over the next few days & weeks we will be delivering JUSTICE JARS to friends and family.

      It is our hope that JUSTICE JARS will serve a three-fold purpose:

      1. Serve as a tangible reminder in your home to prompt you to pray for our adoption process, our daughter Justice and for the millions of orphans world-wide.

      2. To collect donations to help with the travel costs to Ethiopia.

      3. To raise money for humanitarian aid items that we will hand deliver to orphanages that we will be visiting while we are in Ethiopia.

      If you would like a Justice Jar, please comment or email (mail AT themathewsfam DOT net) us and we will get it to you right away!


      Wednesday, July 7

      Get ready!...Get Set...WAIT.

      We are still on cloud nine since receiving our referral.  Our sweet girl's little face is all over the house, in our phones, on our computers.....everywhere!  And I think I watch  the clip of video that we have of her (Thanks Billy!) at least 3 times a day.....

      And while we are in the clouds.....the reality is that we are back to WAITING. A NEW kind of waiting. Waiting for our court date. Which....will probably be sometime after the rainy season. UGH.  (more on that in another post).

      This stage in the adoption process  is the HURRY UP and WAIT stage. Hurry up because you never know...we just may be the exception to the rule and get a court date with lightening speed and so WE NEED TO BE READY!

      Aside from the fact that being prepared is a GOOD THING....The best way I know to WAIT is to keep busy.

      So, I'm back to keeping too busy AND  I've got my lists to prove it!  When I say lists I do mean LISTS...plural with an an S.  (meaning more than one!)

      Aside from the normal, day-to-day to do's ....

      I've got a list of things to do in baby girl's room, a list of gear and clothing we need for baby girl, a list of things I would like to get done around the house, a list of fund-raising projects, (ie: t-shirts, a potential car wash, a cut-a-thon and possibly yet another garage sale?)...   I've got a list of things to get done in my studio/my online store, and or course...I've got a list of things to do before we can travel and soon...(like today) I will have to start a packing list as well.  YIKES!

      And OH.... YES!!!!  (Although it's not on any of my lists.) Let's not forget...our biggest TO DO remember to enjoy the journey! AND breath...(in through the nose and out through the mouth.)  Seriously, it helps.