Thursday, April 15

6 Months Waiting {and Stalking}

Six (6) Months on Wait List! UGH.

We never thought we would see the 6 month mark. we are.  Waiting. Waiting. Waiting Waiting.

As far as we have yet to go...we have come a long way.

Yesterday I looked out the window to see the mail man stop at our mailbox, and I was reminded...  There was a day that we waited for the mail man EVERYDAY. We were mailbox stalkers. (I wonder if our mail man thought we were weird?)

Then..we graduated to stalking email.  I had the volume turned up on my computer as loud as it can go and set to DING-DONG whenever an email came from Gladney.  We were email stalkers.

Now....we stalk our cell phones. (and I stalk Jeff's phone AND the land line too...just in case)  The only time I don't have my cell phone right next to me or in my back pocket is when I'm in the shower....

And oh...We (or I should clarify...I...) Stalk ALL adoption blogs.  I am an adoption blog stalker.  I guess it helps me to know that I am not alone. AND I have learned SO MUCH through my adoption blog stalking! So much wisdom and inspiration...So encouraging to see picutres and read stories of those who have gone before us!  

Aside from all the stalking...

We are keeping busy while we wait. (And we are having a lot of fun too.)  We have our big kids (who are amazing!!!) and some great friends.....Jeff is super busy at work and I always have several unfinished and in progress projects going at all times.

I have all but finished the munchkins room...(actually it's dangerously close to being overdone?....)  I have been busy crafting and sewing up a storm. I have almost completed a new website for the salon... I have been working out a lot. (it's better than eating)  I do yoga several times a week which helps me to breath (in and out) and relax..... and oh... I shop.

Although... it's hard to shop for the munchkin since we don't know how old she is or her size, shopping is limited and a bit frustrating at this point. (Confession: I had a mini meltdown at Target in the munchkin department last week...but that's another post...)
ANYWAY....All that to say....  Six (6) months.....CHECK!