Thursday, June 24

The Call {Story}

I should mention (disclaimer here) that my feet have not touched the ground just head is still WAY up in the clouds...and I can't take my eyes off of our girl's BEAUTIFUL face for more than just a few I hope the following isn't' too all over the place.

I will start by saying that yesterday was a hard day.  I  had a near  meltdown.  I can honestly say that I could feel the knot that I tied to the end of my rope ... unwinding. (You know....."when you are at the end of your rope...tie a knot and hang on"...??? Well, THAT knot...was unwinding and I felt like I was falling.)

After a good nights sleep I felt better although not in the best of moods.   I didn't bother to dress cute, do my hair and make-up or check the battery on the camera. (like most days in WAITING) 

I just didn't have hope for today.  (Sad, but true)   I was NOT full of faith for our referral and I was already bracing myself for another week to pass by...(I wish I could say I JUST KNEW IT WAS THE DAY...but I just didn't)

With that, Today was a  pretty "normal" day.  I got busy around the house, worked in my studio, helped Jeff with some stuff on the boat, took a swim, had a sandwich (mentioned to Jeff -like a hundred times before...that; "tomorrow was Friday already"...) and headed back out to the studio.

I was just plugging in my glue gun when my cell phone went off. (it was 2:49 PM)  I just barely glanced over at it and...THERE IT WAS!  817!

I think I said "NO WAY!" and as I answered....and heart felt like it would jump out of my chest as I said:; (barely) "HELLO?????.

Kristen kind of laughed and said "Hi Christine...this is Kristen.....THIS IS IT!...I have your referral"...
I started to cry and laugh and cry and started to babble (yep...I'm pretty sure I babbled) and headed into the house to get Jeff (he works from home).  I said..."I'm not letting you off the phone, ok????" She said, "OK"..."no problem...

When I walked into his office, he was on a business call, which I completely ignored- waving the phone (sort of like a crazy person) trying to get the words out...I said.."'s our's Kristen"...

He just looked at me with this confused look on his face for what seemed like forever and then HE GETS IT AND SAYS..."OH....WOW...OK!"...and quickly explains what's going on to his client and gets off the phone.

While we set up the laptop and then waited for the emails to come through; I set up the camera on the tri-pod (I somehow found it and it was charged!), brushed my hair and thru it up into a clip thing,  put on some chap-stick (at least, right?) and OF COURSE...grabbed the Kleenex box!

So we get set all front of the laptop...and we ask the first BIG QUESTION:

How old is she? (2!) TEARS.  Laughter...More tears..

then a few details...WOW!.....(more on that later...)

and then...the big moment....the pictures! (26 of them!) 

All I can say is that in the split second when I first set my eyes on her sweet little face ...I FELT THE BIGGEST WAVE OF RELIEF AND JOY AND LOVE.....She is healthy and beautiful...and PRECIOUS!! She is perfect!!

And YES...That moment was more than worth the wait.  MORE than worth it. 


She is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!!!  WORTH EVERY SINGLE SECOND!!!!

25 months...big brown eyes, sweet litte lips...spunky personality!

More details soon...


Tuesday, June 15

Eight {8!}

Eight (8) yes....EIGHT months!
Well, well, well.  We hit the 8 month mark.  Can't really believe it....Just DID NOT think it would (in a GAZILLION years) take over 8 months for our referral.  Yet...we are are.  Still waiting.

So ...we are trying really hard not to think about court closing for rainy season or worry about the TWO trips to Ethiopia and all the details...all the t's that still will need to be crossed..AND all the .i's that remain to be DOTTED...

Trying to focus on all the good things going on in our lives (countless blessings!) and live in each moment.... always...the good news is that with everyday that passes, we are ONE DAY closer to seeing our baby girl's precious face.  AND we know WITHOUT a doubt that it (all of it) will be worth it....MORE THAN WORTH IT ALL.