Friday, December 4

One Year! {...and a quickie little update}

OK! We've officially hit the one year mark! One year jumping through hoops, dotting i's, crossing t's, cutting through red tape...and now...waiting. In some ways it seems like forever and in other ways..I must admit, it's actually flown by!

The year has been full and rich we are thankful! SO THANKFUL!

Mr. J. loves, loves, loves his job! He works mostly from home; loves that 30 second commute just past the coffee pot in the morning! And...working in his sweats isn't such a bad deal either!

Aside from my "norm" I spent a good part of the past year chasing paper, organizing our fund raising efforts and (last but not least!) stalking adoption blogs. I have been decorating Justice's room (which has been a blast!) I still have some clouds to paint on the ceiling and a few touches here and there..but they may have to wait til we get through the holidays!

Mr. J. and I are excited to be celebrating 20 years of marriage on the 16th! Wow!!!! We are going to celebrate with a romantic trip to excited!....

T and J are doing well. They are pretty busy....the salon is a lot of work and is thriving! They have had several fashion shows and photo shoots this year too which is keeps things extra busy. They plan to travel to Ariziona and celebrate Christmas with J's family. J's family recently welcomed their newly adopted litttle boy, to the family so they will have fun Christmas with them for sure!

Big K. is loving life! He transferred to UT Austin this fall and is living in an apartment just off campus. He's got three awesome roommates which we are thankful for. He has been soaking every bit of college life..going to all the Texas home games and such..... He has been pulling amazing grades (working super hard!) and is looking forward to winter break. He will be home next week and through the New Year. Can't wait!

Little J. is going to celebrate her sweet 16 on Monday and is getting her drivers license! (YIKES!) She is a very busy girl...babysitting jobs, student counsel and practicing her lines...( She was recently rewarded the part of "MEG" in the school play, Little Women!)

As far as Baby J and our adoption:.... We are waiting. We've been on the wait list 8 weeks (this Thursday) The average wait for a toddler age child is 4 months. We are ready! SO READY! (We'll keep y'all posted!)

So... that wraps up this quickie little update....hope to update more throughout the holidays!

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.  ~Jane Howard

Tuesday, December 1

Waiting a good wait.

So, you've all heard the saying, "fight the good fight", right? Well...(as of today!...AGAIN!) We here at the Mathews house are resolved to wait a good wait. (I can speak for all of us because I manage our blog.) :)

Today, while stalking our favorite adoption blogs, I came across this quote and it reminded me and inspired me! (thanks "Journey to Ethiopia"!)

"Waiting is one of God's most powerful tools of grace. God doesn't just give us grace for the wait. The wait itself is a gift of grace. You see, waiting is not only about what you will receive at the end of the wait. Waiting is about what you will become as you wait."

-Paul David Tripp

The quote inspired me to be mindful during while waiting to enjoy the journey as we look forward to the "destination". To trust in His timing for our family and for our daughter because after all, His timing is perfect! (and mine?...not so much.)

What He has started, He will finish. What He calls us to....He equips us for.. He's got us. He's got Justice. He's got this....

The message here. Be still and know. (Yes and amen.) Be patient. (oh no! Not that again!)

I have this little book that I refer to a lot. This is what it has to say about patience:

Patience is: a gentle endurance. A tranquil waiting or expectation. Composure during a long siege. A tolerant understanding. Knowing that God has everything under control. Waiting without complaint for God's perfect timing.

Oh...I like that. And I want some more of that in my life. But seriously, I don't like praying for patience. (you know why, right?!... Because every time I pray for patience...I seem to end up in the longest line, the worst traffic or on the phone with the most irritating/irrational customer serve representative on the face of the planet!)

So...I am not hoping for or praying for more patience. I am hoping AND praying to wait well. (do you think there is a difference?)

"Let patience have he perfect work that you may be perfect and entire and wanting nothing"
James 1:4

"Walk worthy for the calling with which you were called"
Eph 4:1