Tuesday, May 12

Home Study! {Tomorrow}

Yep!!! It's true....we've made it to our home study! (it's tomorrow!)

We are super excited to be passing through this major milestone in the adoption process and should be well on our way to wait list very, very soon!

We can't wait to be finished with paper chasing and start decorating! We have tons of cute ideas for Justice's room (including a sky painted ceiling and joyous yellow walls....)

We are starting to research the best strollers, car seats, highchairs, books, toys, etc....It's easy to forget how much gear little one's require and oh what cute, cute, cute gear there is out there!!! SO MUCH FUN!

Anyway....just though we'd give y'all an update on our progress. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. (pray that our home study will go well, and that the paperwork will be processed quickly!!!)

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