Thursday, May 28

Paperwork & Waiting to WAIT

Today we are sending the last few pieces of paperwork to Gladney (minus 1 little piece of paper unless we have a miracle in the mailbox today!)

AND we are sending off our dossier paperwork to Kate (minus 1 piece of paper unless we have a second miracle in the mailbox today!)

We are leaving for a week long (much needed and much anticipated) vacation. (more on that later...) So- even though we are missing these two small little pieces... we thought it best to get everything else on it's way before we go...

This stage in the process...the... "Waiting to WAIT" is not much fun. AND The PAPER CHASE has not been all that much fun either to be honest.
We are looking SO forward to being Gladney approved and placed on the WAIT list....(this is our current short-term goal in the adoption process)

Once we hit the wait list....

The average WAIT for a 13month old and up (we are asking for 13mo-3year old) is approximately 4 months! (not too bad...)


  1. Hi Christine congrats on all the paper work....That's a huge step. I found the photo book at babies r us, the brand is SASSY and the photo album is in a box with three other soft books. I had the hardest time finding one until I realized it was in the box with the other books. Best of luck. Erin

  2. Hope those two little documents come soon!

    Congrats and getting the bulk of it done. It is a great feeling to get it out of your hands, isn't it?

  3. That IS a lot of paper WORK- but you're working and praying for something priceless! I'll be following your journey with keen interest and anticipation of your celebration ahead.

  4. You are in my prayers that it doesn't take 4 months! I'm glad that I found you!

  5. Almost there! It will feel so good to be done with. Have a great vacation!

  6. So understand the desire to wait and it was such a relief to be "Waiting". So praying for those last few pieces of paper.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for following my blog! I noticed the new addition the other day. I have not been posting as often, but I am back on track. I will be following your journey as well.
    Peace and Blessings,

  8. We're at a similar place in the process. We've turned in all but 1 document to Gladney, and we've turned in everything we can to KBS until our home study report is completed. Just waiting! Of course once we are put on the waiting list, it will be more waiting! :) I'll look forward to reading your blog as you journey through the adoption process.

    It's good to know God is so trustworthy through the process.