Tuesday, June 16

More on Paperwork! {good news, bad news}

The good news is that our Gladney file seems to be complete (except for our home study which is being revised and CIS approval) Both of which are completely out of our hands. So-it seems like we should have Gladney approval any time now?

The bad news is that we got an update from Kate at KBS and we've got several changes and document re-do's for our dossier to deal with! (two of which are life & health insurance documents which were like pulling teeth to get our hands on in the first place! UGH!)

Anyway....it's all "do-able".....we just thought we were done with paperwork! (Silly, right?)

We thought we were moving on to new things like decorating Justice's room, shopping for toddler gear, collecting humanitarian aid items, learning Amharic, etc....

Words like diligence, determination and perseverance come to mind.....

Off to the paper chase....

(comments, insight, encouragment AND prayers are appreciated!)


  1. Yeah... I feel your pain. We had a few docs that were like pulling teeth. Eventually, I ended up typing the letters the right way and emailing them so all they had to do was fill in the right date and put it on letterhead. Good luck!

  2. Keep plugging along and one day you'll get to sit back, take a deep breath and be done with this round of paperwork. It will all be worth it... one day! You'll be on the wait list before you know it!

  3. The paperwork is so tough to get through, isn't it? I'm sorry for the snags and delays. I do feel your pain. Keep plugging away, though, and it will one day all be worth it!