Tuesday, June 15

Eight {8!}

Eight (8) yes....EIGHT months!
Well, well, well.  We hit the 8 month mark.  Can't really believe it....Just DID NOT think it would (in a GAZILLION years) take over 8 months for our referral.  Yet...we are are.  Still waiting.

So ...we are trying really hard not to think about court closing for rainy season or worry about the TWO trips to Ethiopia and all the details...all the t's that still will need to be crossed..AND all the .i's that remain to be DOTTED...

Trying to focus on all the good things going on in our lives (countless blessings!) and live in each moment....

AND....as always...the good news is that with everyday that passes, we are ONE DAY closer to seeing our baby girl's precious face.  AND we know WITHOUT a doubt that it (all of it) will be worth it....MORE THAN WORTH IT ALL.


  1. I'm really hoping this is your week!!! It is so hard to reach milestones that you never thought you would. I'll be thinking of you!!

  2. Hoping you get your referral soon!

  3. Really needed to read this post right now!:) Hoping we all get great news SOON!!!

  4. Come ON!!! It has to be anyday now. It really does.
    Thinking of you...