Wednesday, August 25

Is your name in the bowl? {GIVEAWAY!!}

The Bowl! {Giveaway Entries}

Hurry!  There are only (approx) 7 hours left to be a part of our GIGANTIC GIVEAWAY!!!!

This giveaway ends tonight (Wednesday 8/25) at 5 O'clock PM!  We will pick a name from the bowl at 5pm and announce the winner shortly there after! (We will take pictures or maybe even video of the drawing!)

Thank you so much for supporting us in our journey to Ethiopia! (We travel October 9th!...JUST 44 days!!)

Just scroll down to enter.....


  1. I am glad I wasn't too late. i just made a donation and became a follower. I would be thrilled to win all these goodies!

  2. It is, it is!!!! Hope you had lots of success with this great giveaway!!! My hubby even donated too ;0)

  3. I'm in the bowl!! :) Can't wait to hear the winner!