Tuesday, October 12

Fingerprints Expire {ugh!}

UGH.  Our CIS fingerprints expire on 11/20!!! So this means we have to travel up to Fort Worth and get our biometrics updated. Fun stuff.  Just when you thought you were done with paperwork and jumping through hoops...think again.  

We've got an appointment for the 26th, but with MOWA on the 29th and travel set for the 30th for Court on the 2nd....I think we are going to try and show up sometime this week and hope they will take us without early without an appointment. (I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about playing it so close!)

I have read lots of stories about CIS/fingerprint drama.....and I think it almost always works out...so I trying to stay calm, cool and collected.. Not easy.  17 days and counting...

1 comment:

  1. Our office was very good about letting us come and have our fingerprints taken early..so hoping yours does too! Praying for you guys!