Saturday, July 31

Amharic {and the language barrier}

As we approach the final stretch in our adoption process (we travel the first week of October for court!!)  I am painfully aware of the fact that we know ZERO Amharic.

Does anyone out there know how/much and what words will be the most helpful.  Our daughter is just learning Amharic herself and is just 26 months old.

Any advice or helpful hits regarding language and the barrier that we will face is welcomed and NEEDED.

So far, I have discovered this site and it looks pretty good!:
Amharic Kids is a great resource for Ethiopian adoptive family's. It was born out of a family's adoption journey.

It's got great Ethiopian cultural and language (Amharic) information and helps as well as books, toys and other items related to Ethiopia and Ethiopian adoption.

For those of you needing to brush up on your Amharic (like us!), click on Amharic to find a awesome Pronunciation guide. From there, you can click on the Words & Alphabet links for sound clips of common words and phrases.


  1. We stumbled upon this website as well. We bought one of the "first words" book before we moved. Now I need to go find it. Good luck with the homestudy coming up. And just FYI---don't stress out about it. It was a piece of cake. I worried too much for ours for no reason. Look forward to seeing you on the waitlist soon!

  2. Our agency, Arise for Children, put together a cd of commonly used phrases. I think it has been helpful to those families with older children. You can email the director about getting one.

  3. We stayed at the Bejoe while in Ethiopia. The ladies there interpreted everything Adonu said. He was 20 months old and already putting together two and three words. I wrote all the main words in a notebook to use at home. I was pairing Amharic words with English words and he learned at least ten before we even boarded the plane to come home! Those girls were so helpful and I learned so much from them!