Monday, August 9

UPDATE! {and 2 months!}

2 months = 60.8736998 days (but who's counting?)


So...we've got: GOOD NEWS and GOOD NEWS!!!

We got the BEST update on our girl last week along with a super fun picture too!  She is so precious AND spunky and cute.... we can handle stand it!!!

Here's what the update said:

Well, H. is still the little bundle of cuteness and spunk she was last month.  Today, as I was trying to take her picture near a door that looked out back toward the kitchen, she kept “flirting” with the gardener who outside the kitchen talking to one of the cooks.  The gardener got a big kick out of her “hide-and-seek” game, as did I.  She is such the charmer and delightful little ball of energy.  I find it difficult not to pinch her cheeks constantly when I visit her! 


We travel 2 months from TODAY for court and will finally get to meet her and hold her and LOVE her in person!!


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