Monday, March 15

5 Months {waiting}

We've Been on Wait List 5 Months Today!

Because we hit so many other "road blocks" early on in our adoption process....We really believed that we would zoom through wait list and on to Court...

Clearly things don't always go the way we think or the way we want.  And as far as Believing...We still believe.  It's just about the timing....
While there are good days and bad days in the the midst of the waiting.....we will wait.  We will wait for as long as it takes.  And it will be worth every second.  

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living
Psalm 27:13

"It may be Friday...but Sunday's comin'!"


  1. 5 months means you are close! Hang in there! We have now waited a year longer than we thought we would have to but you are so right, it definitely will be worth it!

  2. you have come so far. keep the faith!! i agree about trying not to focus on the new changes--so hard to do, but this is gonna be WORTH IT!!