Saturday, March 13

Red Tape and Hoops

Early in the week, the US State Department announced that visa processing for children adopted from Ethiopia will take on new requirements, which may cause a slight delay in the process. (ya think?!)

Then, on Wednesday, the second notice came. Effective immediately, federal courts in Ethiopia require families to travel twice; once for court date to meet your child prior to adoption, allowing the judge to make any necessary inquiries and the second trip to pick up your child once you have passed court and their visa has been processed.

The extra red tape & hoops, time (more waiting!), cost and just overall stress these changes bring is tough and disappointing to say the least...But the real thing that I'm having trouble with is the idea of being with our daughter for 5 days and then leaving her behind (for 3-6 weeks).  When I think of leaving makes my head spin and my stomach flip.  (although I am trying to take the wise advice of another Gladney adopting family and NOT FOCUS on that right now...)

There is good news.  We will see and hold our daughter sooner than later.....AND we have been given yet another opportunity to trust and walk in faith for perfect timing, financial provision...ETC.... 

And it's true...when the going gets tough ...the tough KEEP GOING.  We are resolved and determined to bring our daughter home.  No mater the red tape or how many hoops we have to jump through....we will cut through it...we will jump!  

We will not be moved.


  1. You are right. We WILL keep going! Thank goodness for the support of this community! And thank YOU for your kind comment on my blog. I think we can all use every bit of encouragement right now. Hugs!!!

  2. good for you for hanging tough!
    the gladney girls rock :)
    i'm looking forward to the conf call on thursday, which should shed even more light on some of the details.
    i normally have to log in the next day to listen to the recording, but i'm trying to find a quiet spot at work and disappear for 30 minutes.