Saturday, May 15

Seven Months {NO WAY!}

Seven {7} months and still waiting...

No Way! Right?! 

That's what I said.  A few months ago I was going through the calendar "planning" our upcoming meetings, birthdays, parties, trips and such...When I hit March I marked; "5 months waiting" ...( thinking...oh I hope not...)
And then skipped to April 15th  and wrote "TAX DAY and 6 months waiting" (Thinking to myself...NO WAY!...We won't see 6 months waiting!...) .
Then ..I quickly flipped to May and there it was. May 15th- staring back at me nestled between Jeff's birthday, Mother's Day and Kyle's BIG 20th....and I thought's never going happen...I HAVE FAITH. And so....I didn't even mark it.
NO WAY in my wildest dreams (or worst nightmares) would I have thought we would wait for 7 months to see our precious girl's little face.  Surely not after all the drama we've gone through during this process....(the average wait for a toddler age child has been 4-5.5 months)
Think again. Wrong. ouch.

But....Here we are. 7 months! and we wait....(pushing in and pressing on!!!!)
And No.  I have not marked June 15th "8 months waiting"... June 15th is our oldest Son's 25th birthday (yes, you read that correctly....and yes...we are a little bit crazy!)  That day is officially let's just hope we have made it through the waiting before then!

Sending up prayers, crossing my fingers and my my toes!


  1. UGH!! It HAS to be soon!!!! Thinking of you!!!

  2. You are so close now! I can't wait to hear your good news soon! :)

  3. I hear ya! Keeping my fingers crossed too! Let's hope seven is our lucky number!

  4. ugh! exactly, NO WAY!!!! It's just got to be coming.

  5. Wow! Hang in there! Have you and Ellen Enright had a phone chat yet? (I see she already left you a comment). I know they've been waiting much longer than average, as well. Maybe y'all could comfort each other on the phone!

    Sending you hugs for the waiting!

  6. We'll hit 7 months next week... waiting for a 4-5 year old boy!! I actually thought we'd be home by now... with our boy!!!

    Hang in there!! The toddler/older kids referrals NEED to pick up soon!!

  7. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
    This WILL pick up! I have everything crossed for you :)