Wednesday, May 19

Keeping Busy. Getting Crafty. Raising Money.

With the beautiful spring weather (and while waiting of course!) I have been spending a lot of time in my studio getting crafty.  I have fired up my sewing machine and have been sewing up a storm!

I am adding new items to my online store DAILY and have big plans in the coming days and weeks for some really neat items for babies, toddlers and grown-ups too!

Please visit my online store and take a peek....(and feel free to share ie: facebook, blog, email....)

ALL proceeds benefit our travel expenses to Ethiopia (we will travel TWICE) and humanitarian aid items.

I LOVE special orders, so if you have something unique in mind just shoot me an email  (info AT newlifeartworks DOT COM) or comment.


New Life Artworks

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  1. You should go to mycrazyadoption site and post your fundraising items Kari is helping alot of families with this!! GOOD LUCK....
    Folks are selling their items like crazy!!!

  2. Love that stuff! Do you think you will make any boy things?

  3. Yay!!!!! I'm going either shopping tonight or tomorrow. I've been waiting for this post. I love the headbands!!!!

  4. So awesome that you are doing this! I am praying the adoption goes through soon- God has confirmed my future in missions in my own life and it's so wonderful reading of other stories of hope for the children in these places where apathy is so rich.

  5. Also- I would love a Justice shirt or something cool like that- I am a small but not in the type of shirt you have where it's more like an XS... Typically I am a small or a medium depending on the shirt. Have you considered making more of those? I would love to help in some way! I also have a little vera bradley change purse that might need replacing soon, it is what I keep my ID in at school and stuff like that- so if you want to create something like that! I would be interested... Or is there a way to donate directly to the adoption process? Thanks!

  6. Cute stuff! I just ordered two bibs :-)