Wednesday, July 7

Get ready!...Get Set...WAIT.

We are still on cloud nine since receiving our referral.  Our sweet girl's little face is all over the house, in our phones, on our computers.....everywhere!  And I think I watch  the clip of video that we have of her (Thanks Billy!) at least 3 times a day.....

And while we are in the clouds.....the reality is that we are back to WAITING. A NEW kind of waiting. Waiting for our court date. Which....will probably be sometime after the rainy season. UGH.  (more on that in another post).

This stage in the adoption process  is the HURRY UP and WAIT stage. Hurry up because you never know...we just may be the exception to the rule and get a court date with lightening speed and so WE NEED TO BE READY!

Aside from the fact that being prepared is a GOOD THING....The best way I know to WAIT is to keep busy.

So, I'm back to keeping too busy AND  I've got my lists to prove it!  When I say lists I do mean LISTS...plural with an an S.  (meaning more than one!)

Aside from the normal, day-to-day to do's ....

I've got a list of things to do in baby girl's room, a list of gear and clothing we need for baby girl, a list of things I would like to get done around the house, a list of fund-raising projects, (ie: t-shirts, a potential car wash, a cut-a-thon and possibly yet another garage sale?)...   I've got a list of things to get done in my studio/my online store, and or course...I've got a list of things to do before we can travel and soon...(like today) I will have to start a packing list as well.  YIKES!

And OH.... YES!!!!  (Although it's not on any of my lists.) Let's not forget...our biggest TO DO remember to enjoy the journey! AND breath...(in through the nose and out through the mouth.)  Seriously, it helps.


  1. We are crazy list people too!!!! Got my fingers crossed for lightening speed court dates:)


  2. I just posted about my lists! I guess they makes us feel like we are doing something!:)

  3. Love lists! Lost without them! contacting you is actually on my list. I LOVE the bibs!!! Thank you! I hope you got my paypal payment. I don't check email very often these days and I just read a message from you that makes me wonder if the transaction went through ok. If not, let me know! Hoping for a court date very soon for you. If you want me to look to see if I have any pictures of your girl, email me at I took a few in May when we were there picking up the boys.