Saturday, July 10

JUSTICE JARS {Fundraising}

 Our Justice Jars have help us raise over $400 to date!

***From original JUSTICE JAR POST


We have been busy making these cute little jars using recycled jars of all shapes & sizes, decorative papers, stickers, threads, buttons, bling, glue, paint, and a whole bunch of love!

Over the next few days & weeks we will be delivering JUSTICE JARS to friends and family.

It is our hope that JUSTICE JARS will serve a three-fold purpose:

1. Serve as a tangible reminder in your home to prompt you to pray for our adoption process, our daughter Justice and for the millions of orphans world-wide.

2. To collect donations to help with the travel costs to Ethiopia.

3. To raise money for humanitarian aid items that we will hand deliver to orphanages that we will be visiting while we are in Ethiopia.

If you would like a Justice Jar, please comment or email (mail AT themathewsfam DOT net) us and we will get it to you right away!


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