Friday, September 24

Paying it Forward {our turn!}

It's time!!!  Yay!!!  It's time for us to Pay it Forward!!!!  (and I can hardly wait!)

I cannot tell you what a gift and gigantic blessing it has been each time we have received a picture, video and or update about Justice.  As soon as we received our referral, I emailed every family that I had been stalking knew was already in Addis or that would be traveling soon....

Everyone was more than happy to visit Justice and take pictures and video.  And let me just say that those pictures were not only a sort of life line while we have been waiting to travel but will be treasured forever and always!

So...We can't wait to Pay it forward and we will be more than honored to deliver care packages, hugs, kisses and love...and take pictures, video too!

Please email us directly at:  mail AT themathewsfam DOT net

Please include your child's name, age, which house they are in and a picture.  If you would like for us to deliver a care package- you will need to get it to us pretty soon (we travel in LESS than 2 weeks!!) 


  1. I hope you have an amazing trip! Love the name by the way...although our wonderful Justice is a boy : )

  2. I hope and pray that I can email you before you leave with info about our boy!!! :)

    2 weeks! WOW! Enjoy!

  3. YES!! I'll send a package asap!! Have a great time!! 2 Weeks is going to fly!!