Saturday, October 2

Good News AND an Update!

 We got the GOOD NEWS on Thursday early afternoon that we PASSED MOWA!!!  Needless to say this is THE BEST NEWS and we are on cloud nine around here!  This means that everything is a GO and we have hit the ground running.  (Yard work, errands, packing, loose ends galore....)

AND...if that isn't enough....we got another update on Justice yesterday along with the most AMAZING picture.(still can't post pictures of baby girl until after our second court date 10/12)

Here's what the update said!:

H .has such a happy and playful spirit! Every time I see her, she is always smiling and welcomes any stranger that might come into the room. Although she is very social, she seems to be content playing with toys by herself too - as long as she is sitting right in the middle of friends so she doesn’t miss any of the action. When I visited today, she was singing her little heart out! Each time she would catch me looking at her she would flash her beautiful smile and tell me to come play with her. She is absolutely adorable!

We travel ONE WEEK from today which means that in just 8 short days....we will have our sweet girl in our arms! 



  1. Looking forward to meeting you! Have a safe trip... see you in Addis! xo

  2. Since having the honor of meeting this amazing little girl, I agree 100% with the "doesn't (want to) miss any of the action". She is just full of energy and you are going to have a ball!
    LOVE her :)
    So excited for your great news and upcoming travels!

  3. Yay!! So excited for ya'll!! You're so close to having her in your arms! :)