Thursday, September 2

A Shot in the Arm {or 5!}

This week is flying by!  And yesterday was a GREAT DAY!

We got a really fun update on Justice and a funny picture.  She is FULL of personality and energy and apparently...a little bossy too!  Here is what the update said:

Still full of energy, this one!  Nothing’s changed on that front.  Today, I watched her play with the other H. in her house—who is over twice her age, by the way—and boss her around.  It was pretty cute.  She had many things to tell her, none of which the older H. did.  Nevertheless, H. wanted her the older one to know that play was serious, and that it needed to be done in a certain way.  The younger H. was smiling and laughing the whole time and so was the older one.  It was a delight to observe.

AND more good news!...

We also can officially cross TRAVEL SHOTS off of our TO-DO-LIST!  I won't say it was fun...

But a few hundred dollars (closer to four hundred), over three hours WAITING, some POKES and Bruises, sore arms... (AND some lite flu like symptoms)...WE ARE DONE and one step closer to getting on that plane!

34 days!


  1. ah, the shots. it is something that you dont particuarly look forward to but in the same mindset it does mean one is getting that much closer to bringing home your child. symbolic?!

  2. You are getting closer!

    Got the fun package yesterday and have had fun looking at everything! Thank you!